About the brand

Divinum is an innovative Croatian brand of luxurious natural cosmetics based on immortelle from its own organic cultivation.

The production facility is located in the heart of Lika. Smilje is hand-picked and distilled in the yard of the production facility immediately after picking.

The products are proud bearers of the Lika quality mark of originality and naturalness.

Based on the principles of phytoaromatherapy, Divinum has developed effective facial skin care products that meet the needs of all age groups.

We achieved this with carefully selected natural ingredients such as:

  • immortelle essential oil
  • premium cold-pressed oils
  • active ingredients

Divinum wants to restore and maintain the timeless beauty of young skin with the divine immortal immortelle flower

  • simple
  • minimalistic
  • effective skin routine.

The Divinum team takes care of quality inside and out. We provide our customers with the best natural ingredients packed in sterile glass returnable packaging.

In addition, the entire Deity collection:

  • Immortal hydrolate
  • Hera dry oil
  • Balm of Demeter

They are proud holders of the Lika quality label.
The mark is awarded to products produced in the area of Lika
It guarantees a higher level of quality and local production based on tradition.